2018 Registration Form

Every person on site must fill out a registration form, including those who are not taking lessons.

Full Name *
Full Name
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Parent/Guardian on-site (if under 16)
Parent/Guardian on-site (if under 16)
All participants under age 16 must have a parent or guardian on-site at all times. Chaperones may be available: please contact ameenasarah@hotmail.com for more details.
Those who are not taking lessons are welcome to stay for the duration of the camp. The camp pass includes admission to the square dance/instructor concert and helps to cover our costs for using this beautiful site. For families with more than one person registered for lessons, select "Full instruction (family discount)".
Optional Workshops - For those with a campus pass
For those who are not learning an instrument, but would like to take part in a dance or song-writing workshop (45 minutes each day). You can choose one or both.
If you're not sure, don't worry about it too much! We will make sure you end up in a class suited to your playing ability.
Accommodations are in lake-front cabins at Falcon Trails Resort, with a shared common area that may be used as a teaching space during the day. Prices for twin/queen beds are per person. Family cabins can accommodate up to 5 people (2 queen beds and 1 twin bed). Every one in the cabin should select "family cabin", but only one person needs to add the $400 to their total fees.
If you chose "queen bed", please write down the name of the person you will be sharing with.
If you chose "family cabin", please write down the names of everyone who will be sharing the cabin.
Add up totals for instruction, accommodation, and meals.
E-transfers can be sent to ameenasarah@hotmail.com. Cheques are payable to Ameena Bajer-Koulack and can be sent to the following address: 501 Basswood Pl., Winnipeg, MB, R3G 2T1. If you are paying for multiple family members, you can pay for everyone in one transaction, just make sure you let me know who is included in the payment. *Full fees are due by Sept. 1, 2018 and are non-refundable.*